Achill Island Sea Salt is a family business founded in 2013. The idea was inspired by a sea salt documentary and the long forgotten tradition of salt production on Achill Island. In the time-honoured style, we began producing sea salt in our family kitchen. Growing demand however, saw us move to a new facility on the Island in September 2016. Our aim is to create a great tasting, pure and natural Irish Sea salt using sustainable production methods and to provide a viable industry on Achill Island.

Achill Island Sea Salt is a hand harvested sea salt from the Wild Atlantic waters, that surrounds the Island. The fresh water that runs off the island ‘s mountains combine with the seawater combine to create this pure and natural, award winning sea salt. Achill Island Sea Salt does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or anti-caking agents and our careful method of production allows for the retention of over 60 trace minerals from the seawater.


Using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology, we slowly evaporate the sea water to leave behind pure, white, sea salt flakes. The soft salt crystals melt instantly into food, creating an intense flavour. With its unique taste, our sea salt will season any food perfectly.